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September 16, 2007

A Queen's Name

Queen Munchkin here;

When Bob met Monika he had 2 big dogs and Monika asked if he could have a cat, so he started looking for one for her. One day when he was coming home from work he saw a sign that said free kittens, so when he got home he and Monika came to the house where I was born. When they got there all the other kittens and I were around a dish eating, but the most of others all ran into the house or found some place on the porch to hide. Not me though, I was enjoying my food too much. Monika looked down at me and said; "It looks lie this pretty little girl has the munchies." Bob smiled and said; "Let's take her and name her Munchie, make that Munchkin, it sounds prettier." Bob and Monika still call me Munchie on occasion though.

I tag Princess Boots, and Princess Ashlyn; to make sure they tell their stories; and Earl Gray of Dinah's Mites


The Meezers said...

munchie - that's cute. but queen munchkin is much more royal.

muffinmidi said...

I like Queen Munchkin. I should rename myself King Muffin.I liked your naming/gotcha story.