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September 16, 2007

Princess Ashlyn's Name

Princess Ashlyn here;

I was born to a home where the humans had 2 dogs and a lot of cats all of which lived mostly out side, but were alowd in the house also. One of the other female cats had a litter of kittens and the Lady human asked Bob and Monika if they would like one of the kittens. They picked out a little kitten wih siamese markings, and were told they would get it as soon as it was old enouh to leave it's Mommy.

A couple of days later thehumans realized that I had gone into my first heat, so they put me in a big dog cage to keep the male cats away from me The Lady knew that Bob and Monika's mle cat Obsidian was fixed, so she asked them if they would consider taking a kitten from earlier litter instead, because one of their females was in her first heat, and they didn't like having to lock her up.

They came back to the house and saw me in he cage and looking very sad. Bob reached in and picked me up, then he gave me to Monika and she never put me down until we were at my new home.

The young boy of the humans that had me first used to call me Bocachica, but being part Siamese with soft gray markings Bob said I looked like I had been rolling in ashes and changed my name to Ashlyn.

I choose, Autumn, Nigel, and Noir, all mites of Dinah's.


The Meezers said...

oooo, we didn't know you was part siamese. that's really cool!! can we add your link to the Simply Siamese site?

Frostin said...

You can add me if you want, but only my Mommy, Princess Ashlyn looks Siamese. I just look like a gray tabby.

THE ZOO said...

salem was owr only kitty that efur went into heat and she was soo crazzzy at the tyme that the doggies said please shut her up, he had bloodshot eyes. so moment she was able we had to run her to the vet to get her fixed so we culd all sleep.