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May 30, 2007

My Safe Spot

I wanted to lay with Bob last night, so I snuck into the bed early and waited under the comforter he him to come to bed. He saw me there and lifted the cover to give me cuddles, then he picked me up, got into bed with me in his arms and moved me into my favorite spot in the crook of his arm.



The Furry Kids said...

Snuggle time can't be beat!


caricature said...

I used to have a cat 'Alex' that used to snuggle with me just like that. It was so relaxing.

THE ZOO said...

ahhh Frosty bet yoo was cute layin there. i likes to lay in sissys face or tucked in her arm at night. sumtimes my brofur steven cat lays in her offur arm. she luks silly wiff 2 kitties in her arms all nite.snuggle time alone is best fough...shawn.