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April 03, 2007

New Cabinet

Yesterday Bob and Monika brought in a big heavy box with lots of pieces of wood and other stuff in it, then pulled everything out and started putting all the peices together. When they were done it was a big cabinet with lots of shelves in it and they pulled all their CD's out of the old shelf they were stacked 2 deep in, sorted them out, and put them into the new cabinet. While they were sorting the CD's all of us kitties took turns exploring the new cabinet. Even Princess Boots checked it out.

Then this morning Monika went and threw the big box that the pieces came in away. It was so big all five of us could have laid in it together and she just threw it away.



The Meezers said...

well, that was just wrong of her to do that.

yao-lin said...

Greetings Prince frostin, and from what palace do you hail? I am from Siam originally but sadly am forced to live with two human slaves on a tiny little Island at the base of England.

It is a pleasure to meet fellow royalty.

HRH Yao-Lin

DaisyMae Maus said...

Well ... She unceremoniously threw out a perfectly good playin' box? That's just totally wrong. I suggest sulking ... a lot.