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February 18, 2007

Running Late

Bob had to go to work this morning and he staid up too late last night, so He didn't turn the computer on for me to read my friends blogs and post on my own this morning. He just got home and read all of his emails, so I snuck in here to catch up with my friends in the blogosphere.

This morning when Bob was getting ready to leave I wanted some attention so I climbed into a box and looked as cute as possible. Works every time.


1 comment:

Skeeter & LC said...

We jus hate it when The Big Thing doesn't turn on the puter for a light or two. We can't read about the ofer kitties or post on our own.

On the ofer paw, he is usually pretty good about leveing it on when he is off doin his own stuff so we can get at it.

Its jus sometimes, he forgets, so we know how you feel...