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December 07, 2006

Princess Ashlyns' Christmas List

Hi I'm Princess Ashlyn and here is my list for Santa.

  1. A new baby kitten to take care of. Sadly I can't have my own anymore because I had a ladygardenectomy.
  2. Our pet humans to be able to stay home all the time instead of going to work.
  3. Good loving homes for all cats and dogs.


THE ZOO said...

wont boots let you mother her??? we has snowy and he is a nurturer and he loves on ivory who is now 5 years old. but they still love it. hes 10 btw.

The Meezers said...

what a wonderful list. but if bob and monika don't go to werk, then they can't make money to buy treats!

Frostin said...

Boots may be the newest cat in our home, but she is also the oldest in age. She is 6 1/2 and Ashlyn is only 3.