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December 22, 2006

Attention Cats

Bob and Monika are going to go away again I just know it. They pulled out the suit cases and loaded them up, all that remains is for them to put them in the car.

So I am going to be super cute and get bunches of attention before they go. Only problem is the rest of the cats got the same idea so we are all taking turns getting pets and cuddles.


THE ZOO said...

we hope they wont be gone too long. you can teleport her if needed for pets & cuddles. youll blend in easy and they wont efun notice a few extra cats.
Merry christmouse to yoo & yur family.

Justin said...

Hope they come back soon..and hey a furry christmas to u..

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funny pets n njoy with your purry furry pals!!

Max said...