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October 04, 2006

Obnoctious Wake Up

King Obsidian and I were playing tag when I realized that it was time for Bob to get up for work, so I ran into the bedroom, jumped up onto his chest, then circled around and ran across his legs on the way back out with King Obsidian chasing me the full time. Bob got up and told us that the bed room wasn't for playing in when he and Monika were sleeping, then he laid back down. Just as his head touched the pillow though the radio alarm went off and him and Monika laughed. Bob told Monika that we were just being alarm kitties, obnoctious alarm kitties, but alarm kitties none the less.


THE ZOO said...

wht good boys you were to make sure he was up on time

Derby said...

Being an alarm clock is part of what we do for our beans. I have a picture that says so. You can see it on my blog.