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November 29, 2015

They Grinched Us!

Bonnie here,

Bob and Monika got a Grinch hat at PetCo and decided to torment take pictures of all their kitties in it.

Their first victim subject was Obsidian and he fussed around a bit before he figured out how to get it off.

Then came Cosette and you could tell that she had been watching Obsidian because she got it of rather quickly.

I thought I would be lucky since I am only their foster, not their forever cat but then next thing I knew Monika was putting it on my head.

Then came Ashlyn. Doesn't she do the dejected look quite nicely?

And last was Munchkin. Monika was afraid that Munchkin would not let her put it on her, but she surprised them by not putting up much of a fuss.

1 comment:

pilch92 15andmeowing said... all look adorable. I wanted to go to Petco Friday, but never got there - I think my cats are happy about that- I torture them enough with outfits.