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January 10, 2015

Stealing Bob's Straws

Obsidian here,

Bob and Monika have real big beer mugs that they drink out of and they use long 7-Eleven big gulp sized straws to drink from them. Monika's straw is actually one from 7-Eleven, but they have longer straws at home. I found this out when I stole Bob's straw and he went and got one and cut the end off and gave it to me. Now I keep stealing Bob's straw and he has to replace it. He cut a new one Thursday night and put in in the strainer so it would be ready when he wanted it, but when he let me and my Mom out Friday after he got home from work, I jetted straight into the kitchen and stole his new straw before he even got to use it!


1 comment:

Sweet Purrfections said...

Smart kitty!