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June 14, 2014

They Made Me Into A Cone Head!

Inky here,

Monika and Bob took my brothers and I to get fixed Thursday. When we got home I was all groggy and I couldn't walk right, but after a while I started getting back to normal. Only there was one problem. My belly itched and when I looked down there I saw there was a string stuck on it, so I bit at it until I got it off.  Friday morning Bob and Monika noticed the string was gone, so after he dropped Monika off at work, Bob took me back to the Vet and they put metal thing on my belly, then to make things worse, they put this thing on my head. I tried getting it off for a couple of hours, but it has decided it wants to stay. Lucky for me Bob and Monika take it off me every once in a while and let me play and eat without it for a while. I just can't play with the metal things on my belly, because if I do they make me stop and put the hated cone back on.

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