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November 12, 2013

Our Furry Cousins

Bob and Monika went to Aunt Joan's house and visited with our furry cousins.
This is Cocoa and that multicolored string is her favorite toy. Bob like to play with her and gets her chasing the string so much that she gets to tired and just tries reaching for it without getting up.
This is Sophie. She is kind of shy, but will let you get a couple of pets in before she runs to hide. You met Cocoa and Sophie when they were kittens and Bob and Monika watched them for a couple of days at our house.
This is Piper he likes to play, but he has not learned to watch his claws, so you have to be careful, else you get scratched, but Bob and Monika are used to that because I am the same way some times.
Zoey is one of our woofie cousins. She doesn't like cameras, so Bob couldn't get a good picture. She barks a lot when you first come in, but calms down when you give her pets.
This is Toby. He is a big time attention hound, and a bit of a ham. Bob always takes the woofies into the backyard to play when ever he visits.

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