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April 23, 2013

How We Got Our Names

Yesterday on Purrchance To Dream, Daphne made a post about how she and Chloe got their names.  I thought it was interesting, so I decided I would do a post on how we all got our names here.  All of our names are descriptive of us.  Queen Munchkin is always hungry and Bob started calling her Munchie because she acted like she always had the munchies, but he wanted her to have a more feminine name so he switched it to Munchkin.  King Obsidian was named for his glossy black coat.  Princess Ashlyn was all gray and white when she was little and reminded Bob of ashes, so he feminized Ash into Ashlyn.  My under coat has a glossy sheen to it that makes it look like I am covered in frost some times so they called mt Frostin.  Princess Boots has white feet and the white on her back feet goes around her ankles and up her calves, so she was named Boots.

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