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January 19, 2013

Bob's An Alien

I have decided that Bob has been replaced by an alien. Here's my evidence;
  • He gets up early in the morning when he doesn't have to.
  • He doesn't drink Mountain Dew any more and hardly drinks coffee now.
  • He has tried to let me come into the computer room twice while he was working.
  • He has started going outside and taking walks.
All of this stuff  except for the walking is stuff I have never seen Bob do before.  Therefore he must have been replaced by a alien.


Ellen in Oregon said...
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Ellen in Oregon said...

Frostin - Oh no, not BOB! I think you are correct in your suspecions that Bob has become an alien. Quick run & make sure that Monika has not met the same fate. Even though Bob is allowing you into the office now, be careful, because it may just be a way of tricking you into believing that Bob is still Bob. I have heard that if you are getting extra scritches, it might be a ploy aliens use to tenderize future meals. Sudden withdrawl from enormous amounts of caffine can result in former humans getting very crabby and eventual head expolding! There is one fate worse than becoming an alien that might have befallen Bob. It is called "Short-term New Years Resolution Syndrome". Humans tell themselves that they are going to remove unhealthy behaviors and replace them with good healthy behaviors". Luckily, for most people this syndrome lasts 3 weeks with a gradual return to normal Bob over the next 3 weeks.
In the meantime, watch Bob from a distance no matter how tempting it may be to join him in the office. Watch Monika for similar chnages. If you see anymore weirdness, convince Bob to be examined by the Vet. Meanwhile, consider calling the tabloids and selling Bob's story : "Frostin's Bob Victim of Alien Take Over or Sudden Health Kick?." All you cats could get rich selling pictures of Bob to the media. You also need to be on high alert in case the aliens return to beam Bob up for probing & examination.