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November 04, 2012

Fresh Air and Treats!

This morning when Bob got up, he came to the cedar chest and gave me pets, then said; "Let's go get treats."  I jumped down and started following him to the computer room, but Monika was opening the front door and raising the screen, so I went to the door to enjoy the fresh cool air.  All the rest of the kitties were in the computer room waiting and after he gave them all their treats he came looking for me and as soon as I saw him stepping out of the hall way I came running for mine.  Bob put them on the floor for me, and told me I was a good boy and then he followed Princess Ashlyn to her tree to give her some morning attentions.


There's a froggy by the bush in front of the house!  I see him jumping every now and then I am talking to him, trying to get him to come inside and play.


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