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July 08, 2011


The Zoo had a question as to why yesterday was both my birthday and my gotcha day, so I decided I would tell my story again.

When Bob and Monika adopted my Mom, Princess Ashlyn they did not know it, but she was pregnant. Then at about 2:30am on July 7 2004 Bob was woke up by a cry from Princess Ashlyn who was sleeping between his legs over the covers. He started to sit up to give her pets when I said my first meow and it was very tiny and soft. Bob stopped moving except for one hand which he started shaking Monika with to wake her up. He told her; "Wake up and turn on the light. I'm afraid to move I might kill something." She turn the light on and there I was laying with my Mommy. Then Monika picked up the stuff that came out with me and flushed it. When she came back Princess Ashlyn was already cleaning me and Monika told her she was a very good Mommy.

Thus they got me when I was born and my birthday and gotcha day are the same.


THE ZOO said...

We're sorry Frostin to question you. we went back and looked at our comment, sissy meant to put gotcha/purrthday, not gotcha?purrthday. she forgot to hold the shift button down and didnt proofread.

we are so glad your beans rescued your mom and have you now.

Athena said...

Wow, so they haf had you since day one! They are lucky!