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May 22, 2011

News on King Obsidian

Bob and Monika took King Obsidian to the vet yesterday and they did some tests on him and told Bob and Monika that they want to keep him there for the weekend. They did ex-rays while Bob and Monika were still there and there were no foreign objects, but his liver is smaller than normal, and one of his kidneys is bigger than the other. He is also dehydrated because he has not been eating or drinking. They vet gave him fluids and food with needles (yucky) to make sure he doesn't get sicker from not eating.

Bob and Monika bought groceries on the way home, and when they got back there was a message from the vet. They did more tests and King Obsidian has a infection. They are not sure what it is yet, but at least now they know what direction to look in.

If all goes well, Monika will go pick King Obsidian up when she leaves work tomorrow and bring him back home.

Until then I will keep my paws crossed and continue looking around the house for him periodically in case he decides to teleport back home on his own.


Katnip Lounge said...

Poor guy! We'll keep purring hard for him!

Athena said...

Paws crossed and big purrs. so sorry he is going through this.