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January 02, 2011

Bed Bug?!?!?!?!

King Obsidian here;

This morning Bob was sleeping in late and when I tried to wake him something under the covers tried to get my paw. I immediately attacked it and chased it towards Monikas pillow, but it disappeared. A few seconds later another one came up behind me and tried to grab my tail, but when I turned around nothing was there. I walked all over the bed, even over Bob trying to find it, but it was gone. After not being able to find it I remembered why I had come in and tried to wake Bob again. Just as he was starting to wake up it tried to grab me again, but Bob snapped his hand out real quick and got it. It shook all over the place trying to escape and attacked it, batting with my paws and trying to bite it. Then it stopped moving and Bob gave me pets and told me I was a good boy. Then when he lifted the covers to get up I looked to find it, but it was gone again. I started to look for it, but Bob said; "Treat time.", so I decided to try to find it another day.

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