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November 18, 2010

Nap Trouble

Yesterday, when I went to take my first nap of the day, I wanted to lay on Monika's night shirt, but she had crumbled it up when she put it on the bed instead of laying it flat for me. I went into the computer room to ask Bob to fix it, but I got his attention the same way I get it when I want him to come nap, so he just pet me and said; "Daddy will come take a nap later Frost." So I grabbed his wrist again, and then made my best pouty face and the jumped down and went to the door and looked pouty some more. Bob saw me pouting and said; "What's wrong Buddy?" So I ran to the bedroom and he followed me. Then when I jumped onto the bed, he saw Monika's shirt and laid it out flat for me. I immediately moved into the center of it and started doing biscuits and he gave me pets and said; "There you go Frostin. Now you can take your nap."


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