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October 20, 2010

A Queens Adventure

Queen Munchkin here;

Yesterday when it was time for Bob to go check the mail, I was in his lap. Then instead of putting me down in his chair and saying he would be right back, he picked me up and said; "Let's go on an adventure."

He picked up the key, then he held me to his shoulder and we went into the garage where he hit a button and the big door at the end opened. He walked out the big door all the while giving me soft pets and I looked around at all the trees and houses as he walked to the mailbox. Then he opened the box and took out some stuffs, closed it back up and carried me and the stuff back into the garage. When he hit the button to close the big door again, I got a little nervous because he couldn't pet me with the mail in his hand, so when he opened the door into the house he let me down and I ran into the computer room. Then when he sat back down at his desk I reclaimed his lap.

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