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May 02, 2010

Toy Breaking King

King Obsidian here;

The new birdie toy that Prince Frostin talked about yesterday had a rubber strap on it that Bob would catch on his finger. Then he would pull the bird back and let it fly away. Well Bob made the mistake of leaving it on the floor in the computer room when he and Monika went into the living room. When they came back Monika found the birdie and I had chewed the strap in half. Monika tied the two ends back together so it can fly again, but Bob knows it is only a matter of time before I chew it back apart. SO now he is looking for something to make a hook out of, so he can attach it in place of the strap and then catch a rubber band on the hook and send the birdie flying that way. He also wants to make sure that whatever the hook is made of will not hurt me it I chew on it. His first thought was to bend a bobby pin into shape and use that, but he is afraid if I chew on that it could hurt my teeth.

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