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March 28, 2010

Early Easter

Queen Munchkin here;

Yesterday when Bob and Monika went shopping they brought us home a bunch of new toys. First they gave Prince Frostin the solid nip ball he mentioned yesterday, then Bob pulled out a big plastic egg with a hole on one side and Monika filled it with the Catty Shack treats that King Obsidian and I love so much. When they put it on the floor, we both came over and started sniffing at it, but we weren't sure what to do with it. Then Bob hit the side of it and a couple of treats came out. We both tried playing with it a little after that, but it is heavier than anything we are used to playing with, so we are not sure if we like it yet. Next Bob brought out a green smaller egg made of a lighter plastic and just put it on the floor. This one I had some fun with. I was batting it all over the floor. Later Bob pulled out another small egg. This one was blue and he opened it and put some party mix treats into it and then closed it again. Prince Frostin likes blue and as soon as he saw that one he wrapped his paws around it, and just laid there with it. I don't think he even realized it had treats in it. Bob said something about they was giving us a early Easter because he and Monika are going away next weekend.

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