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July 31, 2009

About Our Pet Meme

I saw this meme on The Meezer's blog and decided to get Bob to do it.

The rules are;

a) post 7 facts about yourself AND photos,
b) post 10 facts about yourself and NO photos, or
c) post a childhood picture of yourself.

This is a picture of Bob when he was 7 years old.

1. Bob is his families genealogist and he once made ancestry books for his family as Christmas presents.

2. Bob got some old family pictures from his Mom and taught himself to restore them.

3. Bob's Mom had alzimers when she gave him the pictures and she quickly declined soon afterward and could not remember who was in the pictures, so he has no idea who more than half of the people in the pictures are.

4. When Bob was little his Dad worked at LaGuardia Airport in NY and he used to take Bob up on helicopter rides that went over the twin towers while they were being built.

5. Bob worked at a photo-lab for 16 1/2 years before digital cameras took over and the lab closed down.

6. Bob bought a empty spice rack and filled all the jars with different coffee beans. The jars each hold enough beans for 2 cups of coffee which is all he drinks in a day any more, so they are perfect sized.

7. Bob is a Star Trek fan, but he only like the old series and The Next Generation. He said the others are good Sci-fi, but not real Star Trek.

8. Bob loves movies with vampires and werewolves. He became hooks on them watching the original Dark Shadows.

9. Bob also loves things that have to do with Arthurian legend, but he doesn't like the new Merlin series because they just took the character names and some basic information about them and through everything else out the window. For starters; Merlin was not Arthurs page, and Arthur was not raised by Uther.

10. Bob is hooked on a game called City of Heroes. He also plays City of Villains when his account is active, but he has been playing free trails since December because the $46 every 3 months is better spent on bills until he manages to find a solid job again.

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