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March 30, 2009

Bad Collar

Queen Munchkin here;

A few weeks ago I took my collar off and when Bob went to put it back on him I got all scared and tried to run away, so he put it down and cuddled me to calm me down.  Then he checked my neck to make sure it wasn't giving me owies and saw that some of my hairs were missing so he put the collar in the hutch of his desk and told me I didn't have to wear it.  It has been off for a while now, but the hairs have not grown back in.  It doesn't hurt and I let them touch the spot and everything, but there just isn't any hair there.   All I know is I am glad that I am a indoor kitty so I don't really have to wear a collar.


Elin! said...

Oh no.. sorry to hear about your neck!

take care!


meemsnyc said...

That happens. That used to happen to our doggie. The hair will grow back eventually. Our cats hate collars too. They are sneaky, they know how to take the collar off. We don't let them wear it anymore either.

The Meezers said...

oh no, that's awful. we doesn't wear collars eifur - mommy hadded a kitty who almost choked to death on his collar when it gotted stuck on somefing and she's scairt of them now. even though they're all breakaway types, she doesn't trust them.