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February 04, 2009

Forgetful Pet

Yesterday Bob drove Monika to work, so he could keep the car in case he was called for a interview. Or at least that was the theory. He got a call for a interview at Wendy's and was asked to come at 2 o'clock. As he had a DVD that was due back at the library in the same area he headed out at 1:30 and found out that he had left the lights on. He wound out having to walk down there to drop off the DVD and have his interview. When he got home again he called his sister and she came to jump start the car so he could bring Monika back home. He now has a sticky note on the bottom of his monitor that says; "Turn off car lights."


1 comment:

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Not funny! Jan forgets to turn off her lights sometimes too. And then if we need to steal ..... uh, borrow the car, the battery could be dead. We say "could be" because she has been lucky so far. Last month a lady driving by stopped to tell her she'd left her lights on.