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December 21, 2008

Absent Minded Pet

Monika had Bob's breakfast ready for him when he got out of bed this morning, so he gave us our treats after he finished eating. The he started reading the blogs, so I went to the litter next to his computer and dug arouind a little to show him that there was nowhere to go in there. He said he was sorry that he forgot and then went and got the litter can and the bucket of litter and started doing the round of the litter boxes getting them all clean for us. For any of you that may be wondering the litter can is one of those big cans that comes with 3 kinds of popcorn in it. Bob puts bags in the bottom of it, then there is a small dustpan and broom a little litter scoop and a big litter scoop. The can he uses has a picture of a little black kitten sitting in a field of candy corn on each side of it.

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