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November 25, 2008

Strange Pet

Last night I was laying in the computer room when all of a sudden there was this weird chirpy sound. I looked all around trying to figure out what it was and all I could see was Bob's cell phone. I told Bob I thought it might be calling him, and he thanked me, but then he just pulled a cord out of its' butt and then unplugged the cord from the wall. When he walked away he said something about having to carry the camera with him all the time because he never knew when one of us kitties is going to do something cute. What?!?! I just told him to answer his phone.

((from Bob)The look that came across his face when the charge complete chime went off was priceless.)

1 comment:

Everycat said...

We'd love to see some pictures of you Frostin and your feline family.