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January 18, 2008


Our outdoor cat friend Calico has new kittens again and I started trying to get them to play through the screen, so Monika caught one and brought him onto the patio and then let only me out to see him. He started exploring all around the screen looking for a way out, so I started helping him. We were both kind of shy with each other though. Then Monika picked him up and brought him to me so we could sniff each other and we were fine until she let him sniff my behind. I didn't like that so I let out a small hiss and she decided that was a good time to bring the kitty she calls Bandit back outside to Calico.

1 comment:

THE ZOO said...

Hi Frostin. the new kitten Bandit sownds cute. we gafe yall an award. come by to find owt abowt it.