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July 22, 2007

Willies Weekend

Bob just finished fixing some pictures of Willie for me to upload.

Willie still had his cone on when they got there Friday night, but on Saturday morning Monika's Mom took it off him. Bob said that Willie is still kind of shy, but he likes getting the humans to play chase with him. He also tries to get the other kitties to play with him, but for the most part they are still keeping their distance.

Saturday they took him back to the vet because he was scratching his ears and his bellie was too big. The vet said he had ear mites and flat worms, but they gave him shots and medicine and said he would be fine, but to bring him back next week for another check-up.


The Cat Realm said...

Hello Prince Frostin, very nice to meet you!
We would have loved to say something clever and smart and nice on your lat post here but the template must have not behaved - we could not read it because it fell outside of the margins....
So we just say hello!

jane said...

I'm so glad that Willie's operation went well and he now has a forever home.

The Meezers said...

awww sweet Willie. we is happy he has a nice home

THE ZOO said...

ahhhh willies a cuttie