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June 19, 2007

Tuna Melt

Today when Bob made his lunch he used something that smelled real yummy. He opened a can and squeezed it over the sink, then took a fork and spread the stuff in it over the wrap and cheese. He said it had been a while since he had a tuna melt and that the single serving can was perfect for making one. Too bad King Obsidian gets sick from seafood. I bet that tuna would taste great.

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THE ZOO said...

hi frostin. we lufs tuna too. we like the tuna water sissy drains into the sink when she makes tuna fish every week. sometimes she'll by several cans (from aldis) just for us. wefe had sardines from there as a treat but theys kinda grossy so we perfer the tuna as a treat. its nise though that since the king cant tolerate it none all get any cause hed feel bad seeing yall eat it.