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November 25, 2006

A Sick Friend

I was going to post about Monika having the rug sucking monster out again until I found out about KC.

Our little repurter friend is very sick and in the emergency vet hospital. The vet that did her ladygardenectomy gave her the wrong medicine and she got a bad infection inside. Luckily the vet at the emergency clinic new how to fix her. Now she just has to recover and they are keeping her at the clinic to keep an eye on her.

Now some how rug sucking monsters don't seem very important.


Millie said...

Yeah, the day lost some spark when I heard about KC. Nothin' seems worth complaining about when I think of her problems. I sure hope the good v-e-t can fix her up.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi again, Frostin, just re-read this post and had to comment. It was so sweet.

KC is doing VERY well, she's up to her tortie tricks again, thanks to all the prayers and good wishes from friends like you.